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Hello there,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a story about a man, who by day was a doctor; and by night, was thought to believed, a man, who sought out prostitutes, destroyed their bodies and left them for dead.  I have my own personal account of that type of 2 character man; my father.  Although he did not kill prostitutes like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona; he did have behavioral changes from sober to drunk, via the excess consumption of alcohol.  When sober, he was the best dad anyone would and could want to be around; but when drunk, the alcohol literally "hit his head and damaged his brain cells".  He was a monster, that no one wanted to be around.  For a child growing up with already sexual abuse occurring on the outside of the home, this made the family dysfunctional; and hence more frightening that need be.  The fury and rage that he had bottled up inside of him, came out on a regular basis.  Although, years later, he apologized for his behavior; the scars were left on the children.  Sorry to say, that at 87 years old, my dad still drinks alcohol; but on a more positive note, I do not live with him anymore.  The healing has been ongoing; and for this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reason, I do not drink alcohol at all.  Sometimes, I wonder if there was help for alcoholism a long time ago, or it if was his ego, not to get help.  Does anyone know of such a person?  Hoping to seek support and understanding someday.  God bless us all.  Amen.




Drugs, anorexia, alcohol, abuse of every kind and every way.  Lots to deal with.  Anyone willing to share, please respond.  Thanks


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