RAINN Supporters Day: Celebrating RAINN's Achievements

                        Marnie Says:


Months after graduating college, a stranger sexually assaulted my roommate and me at knifepoint in front of my apartment, He robbed us of our possessions, and our lives as we knew them.

Since 1996, RAINN has taught me how to use my voice to engage and inspire others. When something triggers memories of the attack, i call the hotline. Sometimes you need advice; sometimes you just need to say it aloud to find the ground again - Marnie Goodfriend  


                 Marnie Goodfriend


Many survivors are lost, many survivors do not know where to turn to for help, and many are too scared to come forward, but thanks to the incredible Marnie Goodfriend who has opened her survivor story to the world, there is hope for other survivors to do the same. Marnie who has warmly opened her story to the world about her horrific attack on her blogsite 'Repaving Waverly', has not only inspired us at TeamStrick, but to many of our RAINN and KaDee supporters, she holds a shining light to their hearts as well.

As a survivor herself, Marnie is remarkably strong, and if she can go through something so traumatic like this and today, years later is still able to stand up tall, do amazing things for others and is back in control of her life, then others can do the same. This can give survivors the encouragement they need and knowing that there are others like themselves out there who know what it is like and how to overcome and move on from it.


RW_VID_01 from Marnie Goodfriend on Vimeo.


Not only has the support of Marnie's family and friends helped her become the strong person she is today, but the power of the creative arts has become a very powerful tool in her life. The use of artwork has helped Marnie with her road of recovery as a way to keep positive, have hope, and heal. 

To check out her photography, please go to:

        From TeamStrick to Marnie


There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for all the hope and support you bring to our lives. As a survivor yourself, you have been such an inspiration for sharing your story to help others. Its gives us hope that we can come out of the darkness and become even stronger than ever. Also it helps to know that you truly understand what we are going through. We survivors feel stronger knowing that you are always standing beside us. To the lucky ones who have not been through what we have been through, not many of them know how hard it is to take the first step. A lot of us struggle to take that first step and come forward with our story because we feel like no one will believe us and that we are not worthy of being helped. However, by having someone like you who has openly shared to the world their story and how there is in fact hope for all of us it has made the first step an easier one for all of us other survivors to take. Whenever we feel down, sad, lost, helpless, scared or alone, we just have to think about you and your story to know that we can make it through anything with a little ‘Hope’. We all have a lot to be grateful for and it may not seem like it right at the start of our road to recovery, but as time goes on we can begin to live to the fullest, be happy with ourselves, and be in control again.