RAINN Supporters Day: Celebrating RAINN's Achievements

KaDee Strickland’s PRISM Award Win 


The PRISM Awards are annually hosted by one of the most memorable non-profit entertainment organisations in today’s society, known as ‘Entertainment Industries Council’. This is an organization that strongly stands by and supports people involved in the entertainment industry who are helping to make a difference in society, by presenting mental health and substance abuse issues to the public through their creative role in the industry. The PRISM Awards help do this by recognizing the achievements and enormous efforts of people in the entertainment industry who go above and beyond their call of duty to help in today’s society through the work they do. 

“The PRISM Awards, presented by EIC in collaboration with FX Network and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, recognize members of the creative community for their commitment to creatively and accurately portray substance abuse and mental health issues to the public in a way only the entertainment industry can.” – via EIC

During the Awards show they like to share commentaries with the audience about prevention, treatment and recovery in concerns with issues of mental illness and substance use. This is a great opportunity for the entertainment industry to really show how much they care about the welfare of today’s world and to truly make a difference.

“The special hosts’ announces the winners at the PRISM Awards and includes commentaries about the issues surrounding substance use and mental illness: prevention, treatment, and recovery” – Entertainment Industries Council



KaDee Strickland was nominated for a PRISM Award for her role as playing Doctor Charlotte King off ABC's Primetime TV Show 'Private Practice'. On September 25, 2011 it was announced to the world that KaDee Strickland has won the award and with all her efforts working with RAINN on encouraging survivors to get help, she certainly deserves the award! Not only does this award recognize KaDee for the rape storyline that her character has had to go through on the TV show Private Practice, but it also symbolizes just what an amazing, caring person she really is. It is thanks to KaDee Strickland’s inspirational and on-going efforts for helping RAINN get survivors to come forward, that survivors from around the world are getting the right help they need and deserve.

“The actress bared Charlotte’s soul, if not her own, in a multi-faceted and stirring set of performances over the course of five plus episodes as she rebuilds and restores the life that was stolen from her in the assault, facing and overcoming the accompanying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the process. As a result, Strickland’s performance recently earned a PRISM Award for Female Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline." – Entertainment Industries Council

It is very rare to see an actor or actress go from a TV series regular to a major TV star in a matter of weeks, but with a person as kind-hearted and passionate about making a difference like actress and advocate KaDee Strickland is, it’s definitely not a shock to any of us who watch her perform onscreen. Her dedication to the nation’s largest Anti- Rape and Sexual Assault organization known as RAINN (Rape, Assault, Incest, National Network), has proven this to be true because even after the multi-episode storyline was finished, to this very day she is still working hard alongside this amazing organization.




“KaDee Strickland’s work last season on “Private Practice” was nothing short of amazing. In fact, I dare say that those lucky enough to have seen her performance in the story arc about her character Charlotte’s brutal assault and slow emotional and physical recovery had the opportunity to see the exact moment that Strickland went from just another TV series regular to being a major TV star.” – Entertainment Industries Council

To be recognized for a PRISM Award with high regards and much support from other people in the entertainment industry, truly shows how much of a difference KaDee Strickland is doing in today’s society. Through her continuous work in the entertainment industry and her efforts to helping RAINN, KaDee Strickland is giving survivors hope and the encouragement they need to feel safe about coming forward. The thousands of people she has reached out to thanks to her role as playing Charlotte King on Private Practice with the Rape Story-line is beyond amazing and to see the response of real sexual assault and rape survivor’s coming forward because of her work is incredible. No one deserves the PRISM Award more than the one and only KaDee Strickland, so we all look forward to seeing her be nominated and win the next one.

“If, every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted in this country, there are a lot of people who are going to be watching this who knows what this feel like,” she said. “So even though it is the experience of Charlotte King and Charlotte King only, I wanted it to be relatable to survivors and co-survivors. And I wanted it to be relatable to anyone who watches, meaning if you see this and it makes you second-guess the way you walk to your car or leave your office, then we’re putting something in people’s consciousness that’s very important.” – KaDee Strickland